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Компания «Интер-Север» — 25 лет на инвестиционном рынке России

ENG - Frenk Nakhichevansky

Mr Nakhichevansky was born on February 9, 1963

In 1997, he obtained a degree in Law from Moscow Teacher University.

In 1990, he founded INTER-SEVER company, took charge of it and remains its President ever since.

In 2006, he obtained in Economics from the Moscow State Open University.

For more than 10 years Frenk Nakhichevansky has been engaged in charity. In 1996, he founded the not-for-profit Frenk Foundation widely known for its large-scale charity initiatives not only in Moscow, but also throughout Russia and abroad. The Foundation is a co-founder of the all-Russia organization Civil Society – To the Children of Russia, and a member of the Union of Charity Organizations of Russia.

Currently, INTER-SEVER is a large investment holding. The company has branches in Italy, in particular in Rome, Milan, and Florence, as well as in Azerbaijan.

The company’s big contribution the development of entrepreneurship and its huge charity work were acknowledged by the Glory of Russia order.